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railroad station | santa clara | cuba

Railway Station. Santa Clara.

sugar cane | wagon | cuba

Sugar Cane Wagon at the Tandem.

sugar cane cutter | sugar cane factory | cuba

Sugar Cane Cutter.

sugar cane | railroad wagon | matanzas | cuba

Sugar Cane Wagon.

sugar sacks | sugar cane factory | matanzas | cuba

Loading Sugar Sacks.

the black hand | matanzas | cuba

“Black Hand”

strolling | habana vieja | havana | cuba.

Strolling the streets of Havana.

ox driver | sugar cane factory | cuba

Ox Wagon Driver. Sugar Factory.

car races | havana | cuba.

“Car Races”. Havana.

boy with milk bottle | santiago de cuba | cuba

Boy with Milk Bottle. Santiago de Cuba.

casablanca | havana | habana | cuba

Morning at Casablanca. La Habana.

the pier | casablanca | bay of havana | cuba

The Pier at Casablanca. La Habana.

young woman | agriculture labor camp | cuba.

Agriculture Camp Woman.

window | teatro musical de la habana | cuba

Teatro Musical de La Habana.

work shift | sugar cane factory | cuba

“After the Work Shift”

shoe shine | havana | cuba

Shoe Shine. La Habana.

el bosque de la habana | havana | cuba

At El Bosque de La Habana”.

habana vieja | boy | havana | cuba

At the Doorstep. La Habana.

the malecon | havana | cuba

Swimming at the Malecón. Havana.

man | cigar | havana | cuba

“Man with a Cigar”

peasant woman | las villas | cuba

Peasant Woman of Las Villas.

bus | havana | cuba

“Girl inside a Bus”


“La Revolucionaria”

isle of pines | cuba

“Fiesta at the Camp”. Isla de Pinos.

chancletera | havana

“La Chancletera”.  Habana Vieja.

This is a collection of Fine Art Images in Black and White

“Cuban Memories”

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