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Welcome to Luis Castañeda’s fine art photography award winning website, a showcase of images (Photographs) prepared and printed following the strict standards of museum preservation, using the best materials and hardware.

Fine Art Photography

“Fine Art Photography is photography created primarily as a personal expression of the photographer’s vision”.

Over good 40 years, mainly engaged in the production of travel photographs for stock agencies, most of my work followed the guidelines of this type of professional work. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from always to be on the lookout for moments that allowed me to create photographs for the sole sake of art and expression alone. I have always believed that good photographs are never made: they just happen! As my archives grew and grew with images that I have gathered from different countries, also grew a collection of photographs that belong to Fine Art Photography. In this web page you will find a selection of these.

luis castaneda | portrait

My Story

I was born near the sea, on an island whose society and environment opposed and oppressed my natural feelings of  freedom and self-identity.

Life was a constant struggle to preserve my ideas, used to discover and shape the image of my own identity, both as an artist and human being.

Finally , after endless hardships, I was blessed  with the opportunity to escape from that national jail and enter the world, free to travel and go where I please.

I was 39 years old. I was born again. I was free.

My thirst for travel was never quenched as I began searching for that ideal place that I could call home.

The journey is still not over and the place that I am looking for may only exist in my dreams, or the next day when I open my eyes…

I have no country. The world is my country.

I have no family.  Mankind is my family.

(Prologue to “Wanderer”.  A Photographic Collection of my first 30 years of traveling).

Brief Biographic Data

Luis Castañeda was born in Havana, Cuba in 1943. Moved to Spain in 1979 and came to the United States in 1985, residing in Miami, Florida and becoming US Citizen in 1991 while constantly traveling worldwide professionally engaged in stock photography with several prestigious agencies that represent his work in many countries, like Getty Images, Alamy, Mauritius and AGE Fotostock among others.

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Collective Exhibitions

1977                        “Alicia Alonso”

                                 Museo Numismático. Banco Nacional de Cuba. La Habana. Cuba.

1983                       “The Image Bank – An Intimate Look”

                                 The Neikrug Gallery. New York. USA.

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Personal Exhibitions

1978                         “Actors and Actresses – Portraits”

                                 Teatro Musical de La Habana. Cuba.

1988                         “Lorca in Motion”  (100th Anniversary of F.Garcia Lorca)

                                   Coconut Grove Playhouse. Florida. USA.

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lights and shadows | toronto| canada


1978                        “Ortiz-Echagüe Award”  (For Tourism-oriented promotional photography)

                                 Ministry of Tourism. Madrid. Spain.

1988                       “Best Picture of the Year” (Color and B&W).

                                “Américas” Magazine. Organization of American States (OAS). Washington DC. USA.

1995                         “Master of the Leica”

                                 Leica Fotografie International. Frankfurt am Main. Germany.

1997                         “Best Latin American Photographer”

                                 Foto Imagen Magazine. Miami. Florida. USA

2006                         “The Golden Eye of Russia Award” (For photographic achievements)

                                 International Guild of Media Photographers. Moscow. Russia.



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