Biographic Data of Luis Castañeda


1943                      Born in Havana. Cuba.

1964 to 1979         Works as photographer for Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Teatro Musical de La Habana, the Ministry of Culture

                                 and as free-lance photojournalist with the most important publications, like Cuba Magazine among others.

1979 to 1985         Moves to Spain and starts to travel extensively through Europe after joining The Image Bank stock photography agency.

                                 Free-lances with most Spanish publications and several Government Agencies, like the Ministry of Tourism and the Madrid City Hall.

                                 Receives the prestigious "Ortiz-Echagüe" Award for his tourism-oriented photographs from the Ministry of Tourism of Spain.

1986 to 2015         After moving to the USA continues to travel uninterruptedly, contributing to several international, as well as national and local

                                 publications, always involved in the cultural scene. Publishes three books, prepares several national and international exhibitions,

                                 conducts conferences and workshops at home and abroad. His work receives numerous awards and recognition from all over the world.

                                 Becomes Master of the Leica in 1993. In 1998 was invited to join Gruppo Fotografico Leica (Italy). Camera manufacturers, such as

                                 Panasonic, Leica, Minox and Hasselblad use his photographs to illustrate their publications and advertise their products.

                                 Begins to write photographic articles in Leica Fotografie Intl (Germany), Leica Magazine (Italy), Popular Photography (P.R. of China),

                                 Foto & Video (Russia) and Photoworld (P.R. of China) magazines among others. He was also a regular contributor to Geomundo magazine

                                 for more than a dozen years until its final disappearance. His work is represented by several prestigious Stock Agencies in the world, like

                                 Getty Images (The Image Bank) (USA), Mauritius (Germany), AGF (Italy), Alamy (U.K.), AGE Fotostock (Spain) and Pix Gallery (Sweden).


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